Work Resume


Here are a few things I've worked on:

A website that allows you to check your free Experian credit score and view a free credit report card in a personalized, easy to read dashboard, search for credit cards, and learn more about credit. marketplace page

The world's first fully responsive airline website. I worked on a very small team of developers, doing mostly front-end work on all content that went into production on the website, including fare sales, travel advisories, promo landing pages, and more. I also worked on updating the site to meet accessibility requirements. Some technologies used include Magnolia CMS, javascript (Angular.js), CSS, HTML, and XML. homepage


The iCHAM is a mobile version of the electronic Alaska Community Health Aide/Practitioner Manual designed for the Community Health Aides/Practitioners in the Alaska Tribal Health System that has been developed to allow access to the CHAM content and functionality on an iPad. When connected to the Internet, the application will update to the latest content and user preferences and personalized content.

This app was created at GeoNorth and written in C# using Xamarin. It is used in over 170 rural Alaska villages in assessing and referring members of their communities who seek medical care and consultation.

iCHAM app screenshot

I created this Drupal portfolio website for artist Jim Vail. screenshot

Street Wizard

A multiplayer wizard duel game for the iPad featuring voice & motion controls. I created artwork and an original soundtrack. This was a side project created with a friend and released on the App Store in 2013.

Street Wizard artwork